Pushing tech further in 2022

“Our Partnership Programme continued to thrive in 2020, welcoming nine new partners and 20 new partnership projects. Highlights include research advancements in 5G capabilities with SES, supported by a substantial and long-term FNR – IPBG grant, as well as bringing research and doctoral education to support Luxembourg’s development work in West Africa with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We acquired two new ERC/H2020 grants, bringing our overall total to five. These endeavours have reinforced our impact in Luxembourg and increased our international visibility.

To meet the demand for research collaboration with SnT, we launched six new research groups and appointed seven faculty members while starting 50 projects supported by our main funding agencies FNR, EU and ESA. We also produced our fifth spin-off – Databourg – and first one in the space sector.


Finally, we acquired a record-breaking €32.6 million euros in competitive research funding. These projects will enable us to recruit more talent for our growing centre, and keep delivering fresh innovations into both local and global industries over the coming years.”

Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT
Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT
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Our research areas



We conduct research in cybersecurity, infrastructures, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many other domains in FinTech, to develop the financial tools of tomorrow.



We develop interdisciplinary solutions in multiple domains, from critical information infrastructures to software testing, from quantum cryptography to mobile and cloud security, cyberphysical systems, and much more.

Space systems


Our expertise in satellite communications, autonomous systems, orbital and planetary robotics, small satellites, space systems design and mission-critical software makes us the ideal centre of excellence to support Luxembourg’s commitment to space exploration.

Autonomous vehicles & IoT


Our researchers are building secure and safe solutions for connected systems within highly complex and dynamic sectors. The limitless possibilities for these technologies stand to revolutionise industries in Luxembourg and beyond.

They joined us in 2022

We have a partnership model that enables truly collaborative exchanges, allowing us to have access to relevant challenges, real-world data, and systems to test our research results. 

We are guided by the principle that excellent scientific research can address the most pressing challenges society faces, and support industry in developing solutions.

Our Partnership Programme continued to expand in 2022, now featuring over 60 members. We work with both public and private organisations in Luxembourg and around the world. 

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We foster entrepreneurship

Our researchers regularly develop exciting new solutions for real-world challenges. That is why we launched the research Acceleration Programme in 2019, which delivers a structured process to support our aspiring entrepreneurs. Its mission is to encourage scientists to pursue the commercialisation of their innovative ideas.

SnT currently has five spin-offs: