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Distributed Systems

Launching a Pioneering and Distributed Satellite Network

In the late nineties, Bob Twiggs – then a professor at Stanford University – walked into a toy store and came out with an idea that would later catalyse the shift of the space industry for decades to come. He wanted to think of a way that could enable his engineering students to obtain experience in building and launching satellites, something that at the time was unheard of. Dominated by government agencies, at this time building satellites was expensive business, and the barrier to entry was simply too high.

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Artificial Intelligence

Bringing Research and Standardisation Closer Together in Luxembourg

Whether we as consumers are buying a product or receiving a service, we’d like to think we’re going to be safe in our choices. If we’re buying responsibly, experts behind the scenes have distilled their knowledge into standards that keep us safe from harm. More generally, through technical standardisation, society overall can benefit from consensus-based technical specifications that enhance interoperability, efficiency and quality. We see this through product quality control, health and safety practices and food safety protocols – to name just a few – but actually, technical standards can cover most areas of our life, beyond just safety. 

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Autonomous Vehicles

The Robot Protectors of Space

The device you are using to read this article is based on a centralised, monolithic architecture – a processor core steering a number of other components into executing tasks. Most of our technological systems work this way, because it’s us humans who lead, telling them what to do – we are the intelligence.

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