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Our expertise in satellite communications, autonomous systems, orbital and planetary robotics, small satellites, space systems design and mission-critical software makes us the ideal centre of excellence to support Luxembourg’s commitment to space exploration.

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The Beginning of a New Network Paradigm

The classic economics of supply and demand have stunted the roll-out of internet infrastructure around the world, leaving 2.9 billion people still unconnected today. Addressing this challenge has been the remit of public policy makers, corporations, and researchers for decades.  


Visual Intelligence for Robotic Arms in Space

As we continue in pushing the frontiers of technology on Earth, our future forays into space will depend on ambitious missions that will reach for the stars. Remarkable innovations taking shape today will enable us to assemble and service satellites in orbit, extract resources on the Moon, and build a resilient infrastructure beyond our planet. To achieve this, we’ll need space robots that are highly capable, scalable, and intelligent, so they can perform a variety of tasks in challenging environments.


Launching a Pioneering and Distributed Satellite Network

In the late nineties, Bob Twiggs – then a professor at Stanford University – walked into a toy store and came out with an idea that would later catalyse the shift of the space industry for decades to come. He wanted to think of a way that could enable his engineering students to obtain experience in building and launching satellites, something that at the time was unheard of. Dominated by government agencies, at this time building satellites was expensive business, and the barrier to entry was simply too high.


Supporting Luxembourg’s Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Luxembourg has one of the most thriving ecosystems for start-ups in Europe. As such, so many entrepreneurs use it as a launchpad to explore the potential of their product or service. Alongside a support network of government agencies and incubators, research institutions also offer their expertise in levelling-up innovative ideas and turning them into viable businesses. With more than 700 start-ups in the Grand Duchy, the country has shown itself to be a hub of activity and has strengthened its economy to one of the most stable in the world.


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