We are guided by the principle that excellent scientific research can address the most pressing challenges society faces, and support industry in developing solutions. 

This foundation defines our set-up. We have a partnership model that enables truly collaborative exchanges, allowing us to have access to relevant challenges, real-world data, and systems to test our research results. This approach creates a lively ecosystem that feeds the local talent pool, and supports the local economy.

New partners in 2022
Industrial partners
Projects with industry

Our Partner Network

We create meaningful socio-economic impact with our Partnership Programme, challenging our results in real-world scenarios for the benefit of the economy and society at large. Our Partnership Programme continued to expand in 2022, now featuring 69 members. We work with global and local partners from the public and private sectors, such as SES, PayPal, and BGL BNP Paribas.





Autonomous Vehicles & IoT

Why Partner with SnT?

A research project with us means you will be collaborating with some of the most talented scientists from around the world. Over the course of four years, you will be able to test developments in our unique labs. It’s simple: you provide us with your challenges, real-world data, and objectives, and we will work together on a collaborative research approach. With over 300 highly specialised experts from around the world, we take an interdisciplinary approach to create ICT solutions that are secure, reliable and trustworthy.


Your Benefits:

  • Solution for business challenges 
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Full freedom to operate
  • Global talent for future hiring needs
  • Infrastructure
  • Co-investment by SnT into development of foreground IP and IP protection