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Mapping the Landscape of EU Venture Capital

How are European investors responding to the prolonged economic uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, war, high interest rates, and the energy crises that defined 2023? What can kickstart investment in entrepreneurialism and innovation in the face of a gloomy economic outlook and a reduced appetite for risk? These are some of the core questions driving the first set of findings released by a newly formed research team, involving SnT and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

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Supporting Luxembourg’s Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Luxembourg has one of the most thriving ecosystems for start-ups in Europe. As such, so many entrepreneurs use it as a launchpad to explore the potential of their product or service. Alongside a support network of government agencies and incubators, research institutions also offer their expertise in levelling-up innovative ideas and turning them into viable businesses. With more than 700 start-ups in the Grand Duchy, the country has shown itself to be a hub of activity and has strengthened its economy to one of the most stable in the world.

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