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Changing the Banking Experience with Decentralised Finance

One day your virtual avatar in the metaverse could not just attend concerts and go shopping, but also meet with your banker. Endless digital forms have become synonymous with today’s more complex banking processes, with constant signatures for know your customer (KYC) regulations being only one example. But the metaverse offers the opportunity to transform the banking experience, by delivering an immersive experience that integrates financial solutions.

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Stepping Towards a Post-Quantum World

Quantum technology opens up transformative possibilities in computing, communication, sensing and many others – some of which we are only now starting to realise. But, like all technologies, it has its dark side: quantum computing will undermine much of modern cryptography, and with this the security and reliability of the internet.

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Artificial Intelligence

Fighting Financial Fraud with Privacy-Compliant AI

Having your credit card stolen is a very frustrating experience, and sadly, one that many can relate to. In 2019 alone, fraudulent transactions involving credit cards issued in Europe accounted for €1.87 billion – a staggering amount, and one that is only expected to increase as online shopping grows. With its advanced capability to analyse large amounts of data and create forecasts, artificial intelligence (AI) could provide financial institutions with significant help in fighting fraud. However, using AI to detect financial crimes requires access to sensitive data, which raises concerns about data privacy and security. That’s where federated learning comes in.

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Big Data

Say ‘Moien’ to Luxembourg’s Newest Banking Chatbot

In 2019, it was announced that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) had declared the language of Luxembourgish to be endangered. With a population of 630,000 in 2021, almost half of which are expatriates, the number of Luxembourgish speakers still hovers at nearly 80%.

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Combatting Unethical Trading on Decentralised Exchanges

On the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency blockchain, shady traders have quietly extracted at least $18.4 million — and no one noticed. No one, that is, until SnT’s Christof Ferreira Torres stumbled upon the massive operations while conducting blockchain research in cooperation with Luxembourg’s Spuerkeess.

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An Intelligent Digital Assistant for Financial IT Development

The success of any enterprise – be it a project or a business – relies on its design. Defining key requirements, workflows, and data sources makes all the difference – and that holds true for IT systems as well. But when it comes to developing software solutions for financial services, this design phase can be notoriously complex.

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Distributed Ledger Technologies

Designing a Machine-to-Machine Economy in Space

Time is money – especially in space. As a host of new lunar expeditions queue up for an eventful year, once they reach our natural satellite, rovers and other spacecraft will only have a limited amount of time to operate before running out of fuel – a.k.a sunlight. Until we can viably leverage in-situ resources like ice and regolith, solar energy will still be the main power source on the Moon (and by far the easiest to harvest).

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