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Artificial Intelligence

Can You Still Trust Your Eyes?

In 2019, media artists created a convincing video showing President Nixon giving a speech that was conceived but never actually recorded. The video, entitled “In Event of Moon Disaster”, features an alternate version of reality in which the famous 1969 Moon landing was unsuccessful. Created using a branch of artificial intelligence, deepfakes, it’s a truly believable video – which in itself is the most sinister part of this evolving technology.

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Big Data

Say ‘Moien’ to Luxembourg’s Newest Banking Chatbot

In 2019, it was announced that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) had declared the language of Luxembourgish to be endangered. With a population of 630,000 in 2021, almost half of which are expatriates, the number of Luxembourgish speakers still hovers at nearly 80%.

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An Intelligent Digital Assistant for Financial IT Development

The success of any enterprise – be it a project or a business – relies on its design. Defining key requirements, workflows, and data sources makes all the difference – and that holds true for IT systems as well. But when it comes to developing software solutions for financial services, this design phase can be notoriously complex.

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The Strategy of Computer Software Security

2021 saw Prof. Peter Ryan, head of the Applied Security and Information Assurance Group (APSIA) at SnT, chair the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practical Software (ETAPS). Having been at SnT since 2009, Prof. Ryan’s research interests of cryptography and security are peripheral to the core themes of ETAPS – the theory and practice of software.

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