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Navigating Traffic for the First Time

On a cloudy day in November, a Kia Soul pulled out of the Adenauer parking lot on Kirchberg and joined the flow of traffic, all by itself. This made it the first time a single-family autonomous car drove on a public road in Luxembourg with members of the public as passengers.

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Adapting to a Sustainable Energy Landscape for Luxembourg

As the Grand Duchy progresses towards using renewable energy for up to 25% of its gross final consumption of electricity by 2030, its dependency on renewable energy will increase. At the same time, a higher reliance on renewables translates to significant fluctuation in supply. Beyond the challenges brought on by this shift in paradigm, are there opportunities to optimise supply and demand?

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Artificial Intelligence

Optimising Luxembourg’s Wastewater Networks to Fight Pollution​

Covering nearly three quarters of our world, we’d imagine that water is one of our most plentiful resources on Earth – but everything we do on a daily basis consumes vast quantities of it. From the 130 litres of water it took to make the beans in your morning cup of coffee, to the 10,000 litres in just one pair of jeans, our water usage is astounding when you really look deeper.

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Electric Vehicles

Powering the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

Energy prices have historically been volatile, as supply is limited and influenced by a number of factors. EU consumers have recently seen them increase exponentially, too, as supply tries to cope with a variety of interconnected problems. According to Eurostat, consumer prices for electricity, gas and other fuels increased by 25% in the Euro area between December 2020 and December 2021.

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It’s Time to Clean Space

Right now, as we speak, a staggering 131 million fragments of junk are orbiting our planet, travelling at a speed of 28.100 km/h, with incredibly high momentum. In fact, space debris is an environmental catastrophe whose effects are becoming increasingly dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that the U.S. Space Force is looking into buying debris-removal services from the private sector.

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