Awards & Projects
The exceptional talent we have in-house have received many awards and publications across their projects during 2021. Here we showcase the prestigious awards our staff and their publications have received, as well as the projects we’ve worked on. As an institution, we were also very proud to have been ranked within the Top 10 globally for software engineering research, with many of our researchers being renowned experts of the field.
New projects
Publications in 2021
Gala IT one award

SnT received the "ICT Business Partner of the Year" award at the 2021 edition of the Gala IT One, for “Leading and successfully implementing development, software and/or hardware integration, or infrastructures projects, bringing real added value to its clients."

From left to right: Carlo Duprel, Head of Technology Transfer Office at SnT, Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT, and Prof. Yves Le Traon, Deputy Director of SnT

Best Paper Awards

Individual Awards

Our Projects Launched in 2021

Partner Projects


Fintech ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Software Testing: Optimizing PayPal Continuous Integration processY. Le TraonPayPal
Software Testing: Non-Determinism, Test Flakiness, Machine LearningY. Le TraonPayPal
Security monitoring and automatization of the VNX PlatformR. StateVNX

Secure & Compliant Data Management

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ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Proving Digital Asset Integrity using DeepFake DetectionD. AouadaPOST
Trust Level Evaluation with Subjective Trust NetworksG. LenziniHuawei Germany
A Quantum-Safe Digital WorldP.Y.A RyanLUXTRUST

Space Systems

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Situational Awareness InstrumentationD. AouadaLift Me Off
Modular Perception and Autonomy for Light-weight On-Orbit Robotic ManipulatorsM.A. Olivares MendezRedwire Space
NAFASER - Novel Architectures For Active Space dEbris Removal based on small satellite solutionsM.A. Olivares MendezSpacety Luxembourg

Internet of Things

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Secure, Reliable and Predictable Smart GridY. Le TraonCreos
DRIVE - Data DRIVEn supply chain and sustainable food productionR. StateKerry Group
Lifetime of elastomer diaphragms: An experimental study enhanced by numerical simulations and machine learningS. BordasSISTO Armaturen

EU and ESA Projects

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorProgramme
ANCSAT-IoT - Agile Network Configurations 5G IoT over SatelliteS. ChatzinotasESA
SATNEX V - Satellite Network of Experts VS. ChatzinotasESA
SKYTRUST – Proof of Existence and Integrity of Digital Data.D. AouadaESA / Luximpulse
EGERTON - Efficient Digital Beamforming Techniques for On-Board Digital ProcessorsS. ChatzinotasESA
SAT-SPIN - Satellite Communications via Space-Based Internet Service ProvidersS. ChatzinotasESA
SPAICE - Satellite signal processing using an off-the-shelf AI chipsetS. ChatzinotasESA
DIVERSITY - User Terminal with Path Diversity for ConstellationsS. ChatzinotasESA
5G-LEO - 5G-enabled ground segment technologies over the air demonstratorS. ChatzinotasESA
SYMBOL - VHTS SYstem EMulator Based on Functional MOdeLling of the SystemE. LagunasESA
NATURAL - naTurAl Program rEpairT. BissyandeERC STG
COSMOS - DevOps for Complex Cyber-physical SystemsL. BriandH2020
SESAME - Secure and Safe Multi-Robot SystemsM.A. Olivares MendezH2020
MAELSTROM - MAchinE Learning for Scalable meTeoROlogy and cliMateM. BrorssonH2020
LeADS - Legality Attentive Data ScientistsG. LenziniMSCA-ITN
DataProMat - A Diffusion Maps workflow enabled by Neural Networks and Equation-free calculations for multi scale material and process modellingE. KoronakiMSCA-IF
5G-GOA - 5G-enabled ground segment technologies over the air demonstratorS. ChatzinotasESA
EBSILUX - Bringing EBSI to LuxembourgG. FridgenCEF Telecom

FNR Projects

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorProgramme
SENCOM - SENsing and COmmunication in Networks with High Mobility and High DirectivityB. OtterstenCORE International
APLICA - Analysis and Protection of Lightweight Cryptographic AlgorithmsA. BiryukovCORE International
ADARS - Automating the Design of Autonomous Robot SwarmsG. DanoyCORE
RISOTTI - Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Smart CitiesB. OtterstenCORE
TestFlakes - Copying with Test FlakinessM. PapadakisCORE
HERA - Hypervisor-Enforced RAdiation tolerance in multi-core SoCs for spaceM. VölpCORE
DECEPTICON - Deceptive Patterns OnlineG. LenziniCORE
FP2 - Future-Proofing Privacy in Secure Electronic VotingJ. MuellerCORE Junior
MegaLeo - Self-Organised Lower Earth Orbit Mega-ConstellationsS. ChatzinotasCORE
FiReSpARX - FinTech/RegTech in Space for Trustful Autonomous Robotic InteractionG. Fridgen
M. A. Olivares-Mendez
MEET-A - Multi-modal Fusion of Electro-optical Sensors for Spacecraft Pose Estimation Towards Autonomous in- Orbit OperationsD. AouadaBRIDGES
AUTOMAP - Always Up-To-Date High Definition MapR. FrankBRIDGES
SCRIPT - SME Credit Risk PlatformR. StateBRIDGES
MASTERS - Modelling and Simulation of Complex Radar ScenesB.S. Mysore Rama RaoBRIDGES
ConGenIAL - CONsent to turn GENome into Individual's Asset for a LifetimeG. LenziniBRIDGES
ITIS - Design and Optimization of Intelligent Tactile Internet Systems over 5G and Beyond Wireless NetworksA. HossenS.Chatzinotas
ML-COBOTS - A Combined Machine Learning Approach for the Engineering of Flexible Assembly Processes Using Collaborative RobotsA. BarekatainH. Voos
FLAGS - Federated Learning And Graph Neural NetworkS for Retail BankingF. DamounR. State
MIS-URSO - Modular vISion for dynamic grasping of Unknown Resident Space ObjectsK.R. BaradM.A. Olivares Mendez
OBSERVE - OnBoard poSe Estimation of uncoopeRatiVe spacecraft through Ellipsoid modelingA. Garcia SanchezD. Aouada
UNFAKE - UNsupervised multi-type explainable deepFAKE detectionN. MejriD. Aouada
CASED - Design of a Capturing, Absorbing, Securing system for active space Debris removalM. Hubert DelisleM.A. Olivares Mendez
SESARS - Simulation Environment for distributed Solar-AeRodynamic SuperformationsR. WeberH. Voos
GLADIS - Graph-based Learning and Analysis for intrusion Detection in Information SystemsR. StateINTER (with ANR)
SEVERITAS - Secure and Transparent Electronic Testing and Assessing SystemsG. LenziniINTER (with ANR)
VBN - Vision Based Navigation system (VBN) for autonomous satellite navigation in spaceM.A. Olivares MendezINTER (Eurostars)
Scaling Up VariabilityM. CordyINTER (with FNRS)
NIRW - NIR WatchdogR. StatePOC
NOFAKES - No more fakesG. LenziniPOC
C21 - COLLABORATION 21 - Leveraging technologies for enhanced collaborative work and learning experiencesV. KoenigIPBG
FINTECH INITIATE - Automation and personalisation in complex financial systems - a concept for a national Centre of Excellence in Research in Financial TechnologiesY. Le TraonINITIATE
ETAPS 2021 - European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of SoftwareP.Y.A. RyanRESCOM
FUZZ-IEEE 2021 - IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems 2021H. VoosRESCOM
ICSME 2021 - 37th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and EvolutionM. PapadakisRESCOM

Other Projects

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorProgramme
SAFER - Demonstration of safe electromagnetic radiation emitted by 5G active antennas systemsS. ChatzinotasSMC 5G Call
Service contractG. FridgenSENACOR SOLUTIONS AG
Service AgreementG. FridgenMinistry for Digitalisation
Transfer learning empowered self-optimization algorithmsS. ChatzinotasNOKIA
Africa Cyber Security Resource Centre for Financial InclusionT. BissyandeCybersecurity for Development, Africa Cyber Security Resource Centre
Active Learning in Cognitive RadarB.S. Mysore Rama RaoUS Air Force
IRANATA - Interference and RAdiation in Network PlAnning of 5G AcTive Antenna SystemsS. Chatzinotas, H. VoosSMC 5G Call
IDAE - Integrative Data Analysis in EpilepsyJ. KleinIAS - Audacity
TRANSCEND - TRansforming Autonomous Navigation, Swarm robotics and Construction by ENcoding Data into surfacesH. VoosIAS - Audacity
MICRO5G - Mobile Edge Computing for 5G DROne SystemsS. Chatzinotas, M.A. Olivares MendezSMC 5G Call
INDUCTIVE - Incentivized charging scheduling for electrical vehiclesM. CordyFondation ENOVOS

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