Compliant, secure, and trustworthy ICT solutions constitute the core of the financial, legal, and insurance sectors. We conduct research in cybersecurity, infrastructures, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many other domains in FinTech, to develop the financial tools of tomorrow.

Combatting Unethical Trading on Decentralised Exchanges

On the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency blockchain, shady traders have quietly extracted at least $18.4 million — and no one noticed. No one, that is, until SnT’s Christof Ferreira Torres stumbled upon the massive operations while conducting blockchain research in cooperation with Luxembourg’s Spuerkeess.


An Intelligent Digital Assistant for Financial IT Development

The success of any enterprise – be it a project or a business – relies on its design. Defining key requirements, workflows, and data sources makes all the difference – and that holds true for IT systems as well. But when it comes to developing software solutions for financial services, this design phase can be notoriously complex.


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