With the exceptional talent we have in-house, it is no surprise that SnT faculty and researchers received many awards in 2023

Here we showcase the prestigious awards our staff and their publications have received, as well as the projects we’ve worked on. As an institution, we were also very proud to have been ranked within the Top 10 globally for software engineering research, with many of our researchers being renowned experts of the field.

Our Projects Launched in 2023

The Partnership Program is one of SnT’s main pillars as it links research excellence with market relevance. In 2023 it expanded to a total of 67 partners with the addition of 10 new research partners, representing 7.6M EUR in acquired partnership research funding. In addition, two new joint projects have been initiated with existing partners.  

New Projects

Partner Projects

FinTech ProjectsPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Research program in DLT for the financial sectorRadu State and Gilbert FridgenSpuerkeess (BCEE)
Identifying sustainability impact criteria of financial assets using AIRadu StateBanque de Luxembourg
Question-and-response mechanism that automates the process of integrating various corporate accounting systems with third-party softwareRadu StateVeazy
Space Systems ProjectsPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Microstructure modelling and material mechanical property predictionStéphane BordasEmTdLab
Satellite pose estimation and rendezvous and docking testsDjamila Aouada/Miguel Angel Olivares MendezInfinite Orbits
Advancing space weather predictability and impact AssessmentAndreas HeinMission Space
Joint communications and sensing for 6G non-terrestrial networksSymeon ChatzinotasDeutsche Telekom
Autonomous Vehicles & IoT ProjectsPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Predictive maintenance for better reliabilityJacques KleinB Medical Systems
Improvement of the reliability of the cleaning process using machine learningRaphaël FRANKSolarCleano
Project TheiaJose Luis Sanchez Lopez Gamma-AR
Advanced data driven approaches for G-transport Radu StateGulliver
Cybersecurity ProjectsPrincipal InvestigatorPartner
Automated testing of web applicationsDomenico BianculliQ-leap

EU and ESA Projects

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorProgramme
MAGINet - Geospatial information networking techniques for maritime awareness servicesSymeon ChatzinotasESA
FD-SAT - Full duplex techniques for satellite communicationsSymeon ChatzinotasESA
ELIXIRION - Realizing healthcare 4.0 exploiting the 6G health evolutionSymeon ChatzinotasEC
5GLEON - Radio Positioning Technologies for 5G satellite networksJorge Querol BorrasESA
NGSOTI - Next generation security operator training infrastructure Gabriele LenziniEC
Distributed ledger technologies and user-driven automation towards self-SOVEREIGN mobile data access in beyond 5G networksSymeon ChatzinotasEC
TANNDEM - Prototyping an artificial neural network-based demodulatorJorge Querol BorrasESA
SATORI - Situationally-aware robots for indoor urban navigationJose Luis Sanchez LopezEC
GLITTER - Gnss-r sateLlITe earTh obsERvation Andreas Hein and Holger VoosEC
PRISMA - Research and innovation project for productive, resilient and healthy agropastoral systems in West Africa Holger VoosEC
FlashFloodBreaker - Making North-West Europe resilient against increasing extreme flash flood eventsSylvain KublerINTERREG NWE

FNR Projects

Project TitlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding Stream
FM-CReST - Advancing formal methods to support the creation of novel, homogeneous and hybrid resilient distributed systems and technologiesMarcus VolpCORE International
UNITE - Unified fault identification through test and code co-evolutionJ. SohnCORE Junior
UNLOCK - Breaking the barriers of android dynamic analysis with static analysisJacques KleinCORE
PLAITO - Automated completeness enhancement of requirements towards improved trustworthinessS. AbualhaijaCORE Junior
SENTRY - Semantic-oriented inter-satellite communications for earth observation systemsV.N. HaCORE Junior
C^3 - Cosmic communication constructionJ.A. Vasquez-PeralvoCORE Junior
SURF - Sensing via unlimited-sampling for radio-frequency resubmissionT. FeuillenCORE Junior
VARIANCE - Variability-aware design of cyber-physical systems resubmissionMaxime CordyCORE
MiCE - Mutation-based neural code embeddings resubmissionMike PapadakisCORE
COCTEL - Causality-oriented cybersecurity TELemetryJ. FrancoisCORE
GSDT - Reliable and resilient ground segment design for SATCOM in Q/V bandEva LagunasFNR Joint Call Defence
SDNSaT - Intelligent SDN management and routing in NGSO satellites for critical servicesSymeon ChatzinotasFNR Joint Call Defence
LIESL - Laser intEr satellite linkAndreas HeinFNR Joint Call Defence
InvisiMark - unclonable invisible optical markers for defence applicationsHolger VoosFNR Joint Call Defence
AUREA - Autonomous recognition of foreign assetsDjamila AouadaFNR Joint Call Defence
MEPS -Magnetohydrodynamic electric propulsion stealthAndreas HeinFNR Joint Call Defence
DELPHI - Data driven electricity load prediction for households and small industryGilbert FridgenFNR Joint HPC Call
AI4CC - HPC and advanced AI for crop classification using high resolution satellitesDjamila AouadaFNR Joint HPC Call
ATTAINS - Automating AI-based predictive maintenance servicesSylvain KublerBRIDGES
Pre5GNR - Design and implement multiuser 3GPP 5G new radio precoding and dynamic beam management for NGSO systemsT.X. VuBRIDGES
GovChat - A federated learning architecture for building a ChatBot that enables citizen access to government procedures in local languages T.F.D.A. BissyandeFNR Joint LuxAid Call
CanaryO. ChazeJUMP
VAT-iqua - Value added tax – document/trustE.P. Becerra SanchezJUMP
AIAssure - Next generation testing of AI systemsCarlo DuprelJUMP
BESSER - BEtter Smart Software fastERJ. CabotPEARL
Robots our good friends!J.L. Sanchez LopezScience Festivals 2023
Evading the machinesS. DyrmishiScience Festivals 2023
Resilient autonomous drivingMarcus VolpScience Festivals 2023
Design saturnAndreas HeinScience Festivals 2023
MCR - Mobility in communications and researchBjorn OtterstenINTERMOBILITY
ASE2023 - 38th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software EngineeringT.F.D.A. BissyandeRESCOM
ETAPS 2024 - European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of SoftwarePeter RyanRESCOM
E-Vote-ID 2023 - International Joint Conference on Electronic VotingPeter RyanRESCOM
iSpaRo’24 - International Conference on Space RoboticsMiguel Olivares MendezRESCOM

AFR grants and Industrial Fellowships

CEP-MBD-CRIS - Channel estimation and prediction for mobile beyond diagonal and cable-aided reconfigurable intelligent surfacesMostafa SamyBjorn OtterstenAFR
EcoSyA - Towards a circular economy in space: ecodesign for space system architectingJonas BahlmannAndreas HeinAFR
RAVAST - Refactoring-aware version history analysis for bug findingMaha AyoubMike Papadakis AFR Bilateral Grant
AMELIE- enhAncing autonoMous spacE robotic manipuLatIon through Efficient visuomotor skillsLina Maria Amaya MejiaMiguel Olivares MendezIndustrial Fellowship (REDWIRE)
FLFC - Federated learning for fraud classificationArno Michel Denis GeimerRadu StateIndustrial Fellowship (LuxHub)

INTER Projects

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorProgramme
PASSIONATE - Physics-based wireless AI providing scalability and efficiencySymeon ChatzinotasINTER (with CHIST-ERA)
R3AMA - Robust reinforcement-learning for real-world autonomous multitask agentsMiguel Olivares MendezINTER
(with ANR)
Hermix Grants - Public grants innovation: intelligence, analytics and automation with datascience, big-data and AI/MLRadu StateINTER
(with Eurostars)

Ministries Projects

AwardPrincipal InvestigatorMinistry
Competence hub in research in cybersecurity and cyber defenceCarlo DuprelMinistry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade

Other Projects

ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorProgramme
LetzPower! - Power System Information Transparency for Households in LetzeburgGilbert Fridgen and Raphaël FRANKFondation Enovos
Service contractSymeon ChatzinotasDeutsche Telekom AG
EIFVC - EIF venture capital surveysChristian FischEuropean Investment Fund (EIF)

Awards and Recognition

XRP Ledger

Flaviene Scheidt de Cristo, Wazen M. Shbair, Lucian Trestioreanu, and Radu State

The 2023 IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications

Vehicle-To-Infrastructure Communication for Real-Time Object Detection in Autonomous Driving

Faisal Hawlader, François Robinet, and Raphaël Frank

The 18th Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS 2023) Conference

Signal Processing Contributions to Contactless Monitoring of Vital Signs Using Radars

Gabriel Tedgue Beltrao

Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award at the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine

On Comparing Mutation Testing Tools through Learning- based Mutant Selection

Milos Ojdanic, Ahmed Khanfir, Aayush Garg, Renzo Degiovanni, Mike Papadakis, and Yves Le Traon

The 4th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automation of Software Test (AST)

Never Let a Food Crisis go to Waste: Climate Change as an External Enabler of Entrepreneurial Activity

Mirko Hirschmann, Steffen Farny, and Christian Fisch

EURAM 2023 conference "Transforming Business for Good” Most Inspirational Paper Award

A mmWave Automotive Joint Radar-Communications System

Sayed Hossein Dokhanchi, Bhavani Shankar Mysore, Kumar Vijay Mishra, and Björn Ottersten

Runner up for the 2019 Barry Carlton Award from IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

Distinguished Reviewer Award

Mike Papadakis

The 31st ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE)

Secure Post-Quantum E-voting from the Hardness of Codes

Rafieh Mosaheb

E-Vote-ID 2023 (Luxembourg) Best Presentation Award (PhD Colloquium)

Crowd Oracles: Can the Crowd Solve the Oracle Problem?

Fabrizio Pastore, Leonardo Mariani and Gordon Fraser

IEEE 16th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (2023) Most Influential Paper award

Graph-based Global Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Architectural Plans

Muhammad Shaheer, Jose Andres Millan-Romera, Hriday Bavle, Jose Luis Sanchez-Lopez, Javier Civera, and Holger Voos

The ICRA 2023 Workshop on Future of Construction: Robot Perception, Mapping, Navigation, Control in Unstructured and Cluttered Environments 2nd Prize Winner for Best Research Award

We would like to thank our partners and the following organisations for their support: