We attract doctoral candidates and academics to our centre from around the world, bringing top talent into the economy of Luxembourg.

Research projects with industry partners include funding for a dedicated doctoral candidate, who is both integrated at SnT as well as in the technical team of the partner organisation. This brings their skillset in-house for the project’s duration, and allows for the research outcomes to be directly transferable to industry application. When researchers leave SnT, and thanks to their close relationships with industry partners, it is common to find them employed just down the road from our campus.

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Training Talents for the Space Industry

Since the foundation of SnT, our researchers have been working hand in hand with the satellite industry and public space sector on innovative research projects. With NewSpace industry opportunities and partnerships emerging across the heart of Europe, our Centre has expanded and formalised these space competencies into an entirely new Master’s degree programme. 

The Master in Space Technologies and Business (formerly the Interdisciplinary Space Master) was developed in partnership with the Luxembourg Space Agency and is co-hosted by SnT, alongside the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine. With Luxembourg’s space sector already accounting for 2% of the country’s GDP, and opportunities growing every day, the programme aims to generate a talent pool of professionals able to answer the needs of the sophisticated and innovative companies who choose the Grand Duchy as their base. It is an education that works hand in hand with the nation’s economic strategy for space.

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