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Competence Hub in Research in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence

The Luxembourg Directorate of Defence announced on 15 November 2023 the launch of a Competence Hub in Research in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence (CyberHub), in partnership with the University of Luxembourg. The CyberHub is intended to strengthen and increase Luxembourg’s ability to meet national and international challenges – such as increasingly serious and elaborate cyber threats.


Hiding in Plain Sight: Breaking White-box Cryptography Schemes

Alongside the countless conveniences offered by the modern digital ecosystem are a variety of risks posed by cyberattack. As governments, businesses, and individuals undergo digital transformations, SnT’s CryptoLux Research Group—headed by Prof. Alex Biryukov—is focused on protecting information both in storage and in transit. To do this the team has been working to design novel methods of cryptography that will help reduce the vulnerability of individuals and organisations around the world, most recently by breaking state of the art approaches that were proposed by the leading experts in the field and that were thought to be secure.


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